Sunday, July 15, 2012

Party's Over; Time for a Break?

This week started with Eli's second first birthday party (Eli's Little Man Party).  Lots of mustaches and ties around this time.  Eli really liked the chocolate mustaches and the gifts!  It was a good time, but it was also good to get a break when it was over.

The girls started Monday out connecting all the tents they have to make a bigger tent.

Then they got to play with the fondant left over from Eli's cupcakes.  With a few cookie cutters they repeatedly created their own cupcake decorations. 

 After we got that mess cleaned up we decided to head outside before it warmed up even more.  We took an alphabet walk around the neighborhood (Alphabet Walk).  It had been a little while since we had taken one, and this time we had a camera.  

The big thing that afternoon was playing with Eli's bat cave! All three of them enjoy it; thanks Abby!

We went out early again on Tuesday; this time to do a little experiment with the water table (Does it Float or Sink?).  It didn't take long for everyone to be soaked! 

 That afternoon we headed to the library. Normally we would go to story time Wednesday, but this week we wouldn't be able to make it due to doctor's appointments.

Wednesday, Bria and Eli both had doctor's appointments and shots.  They both did really well, and although they did cry they recovered quickly.  Eli also had to have blood drawn for lead levels as well as anew other tests to make sure there wasn't another reason for his slow weight gain.  He hated being held still for the blood draw! Luckily it was pretty easy to get his blood.  We also ran to Toys R Us to take advantage of the by one get one free sale on My Little Ponies. Bria's birthday isn't for a few more days, but we didn't want to miss the sale! We also found a little stuffed kitty for Eli because he had been carrying Bria's around since he found it that morning.  He immediately starting kissing the little gray kitty we found.

They all spent some time playing with Eli's stuffed dog that sings too.  Eli really likes making it sing; he loves to dance with it (thanks Sean and Mindy)!


That evening we went to the 4-H horse show at the local fair.  They'll the kids were entertained for a little while, but after a few classes the interest waned. Eli went to playing with rocks and weeds, and the girls wanted to climb the bleachers.  We left after it was about halfway over and headed to the expo center.  The girls were really interested in the cakes, but Eli was only interested in being free to roam around.

Nadia liked this little pony best.

Bria liked this horse, and Nadia liked all the girl's sparkly outfits but not their hats.

Found some flowers to tear up.

Looking at cakes.

Thursday was a pretty slow day for everyone; I think everyone was tired from the day before.  After the past few days I finally admitted that Eli is trying to do away with his morning nap.  Certainly changes our routine around here! We did still find the time to do some art.  I had been wanting to try using baby oil with oil pastels since I saw the idea a few months back (Baby Oil and Pastels).  The girls had a good time painting their pictures with the baby oil. Nadia just kept wanting to do more!

The girls spent a lot of their free time playing with their new train. Unfortunately Eli also wanted to play with the train, so we dug out the little Thomas set for him. I also heard from the doctor that all of Eli's tests were normal, so I guess he is just a little bitty guy!

That evening about an hour and a half after the girls had gone to bed they both came out to tell me they had made their beds and made a stable for animals.  I went to see what they did, and they had made their beds with all their animals lined up on the sides.  They had also draped Bria's little blankets down to enclose the bottom bunk making their "stable."  And they did it all without even turning on the light!

Since Grandma was back in town I was able to go to work Friday (first time in a couple weeks).  I'm sure all the kids were excited to spend the day with Grandma again.

As usual, Saturday was spent in Bible study, fellowship, and relaxation.  That evening I attempted to get pictures of all the kids, but they were less then thrilled about the heat.  As a result I didn't get any pictures I was really happy with.

Wow! Now that it is written down it looks like we had a busy week! Oh well, on to next week with swimming lessons and planning Bria's birthday party!