Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today We Have Mostly......

Had lots of fun and tried to stay as cool as possible on what must be the hottest day of the year.

Wiggle it just a little bit!
The boys are officially more groovy than the girls!

The day started with negotiating the low ropes course, tricky in the noon heat but everyone pulled together with frequent water and sun cream breaks to complete the course and challenges.

The afternoon held the promise of water fun,, but first Kae and Alice had an ace up their sleeves with some organised games to test the rhythm and dancing abilities to the max passing a hoopla.

Then what we were waiting for Suzie's world famous water fight, a crazy water rocket signalled battle to commence then rules were out of the window, he or her with the biggest bucket wins.

Hasta la Vista!

Forgive me an evil chuckle!

I have a hose pipe and I'm not afraid to use it!

You got me pilgrim.

The chance to cool down was well received, you couldn't help notice how wet the staff were whether this was through choice or a careful plan by the campers to maximise fire-power we'll never no.

Another water and sun cream break and then into the bouldering room for the rest of the afternoon learning the finer points of climbing and supporting each other.

X marks the spot

Just a little bit higher.

Are you sure this wont come off?

Many campers expressed an interest in our after school clubs starting in September, please watch the blog and website for more information on climbing, paddling and archery all part of our adventure clubs.