Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Review: Skating Party

This week started with a skating party and ended with one as well! 

Sunday was Bria's first 4H skating party! We all got to go though.  There were sooooo many kids there, and the girls were both a little shy about skating with everyone else.  They did skate on their own a little, but preferred to hold onto Daddy's (or occasionally my) hand.  Eli really enjoyed the few times I skated around the rink holding him.  Otherwise he was content to try to escape whoever was watching him and munch on Chex mix.

We did have to do some work in the middle of the week.  We made Eli's Letter G Sensory Bin.

And the girls got to "play" Garbage Collector.

They also made some art with some "clean" garbage.

In another attempt to freeze bubbles, I made Bouncing Bubbles.

Since it was slightly warmer then it had been, we made our way to the park one day. Bria immediately started picking up acorns insistent that the squirrels in the park were already sleeping, but her squirrels needed them. Nadia collected a little fuzzy thing from a tree that she carried all the way home, and Eli was just happy to slide and swing.  

The girls are getting a little better at gymnastics.  They both figured out how to somersault on their own, and they practiced standing on their heads.  (They still need some practice.)

The week started with a roller skating party, but it ended with an ice skating party.  A very shallow pond was completely frozen, so several family members headed out to skate.  The girls were intrigued by the leaves in the ice and tried to pick them all out.

They also got to ride on the trashcan their Uncle Norman was using for support since he has a hurt arm.  

Then they got to try out some ice skates themselves. They had some help of course, and then they pushed a chair or a bucket around the ice to sturdy themselves.

The big kids were having fun too!

And when the girls were tired they got rides.

Unfortunately Eli was napping back at the house with everyone else, so he missed out. Probably safer that way anyhow. 

I am sure this next week will bring more fun (non-skating) adventures for all three of them! Hopefully it will for the rest of us too; including you!