Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Review - Much Better

To say any week around here is busy is really a silly thing at this point because EVERY week is busy! I think that is what happens when you have kids, and it just gets worse as your kids get involved in things, and it gets even worse when you decide to homeschool them! This week was MUCH smoother then last week though! 

We finished up the Letter F! The girls were having a bit of trouble with the Bible verse, so we may have to focus on it a bit longer. It was a little long! 

The girls were super excited when their new Skippyjon Jones books arrived! These two came with CD's that read to you too; that will be good when Daddy doesn't want to read them! Hopefully now that they have completed their reading chart once, they will be more confident in reading! After all,  new book for every 20 you read in is a pretty good deal!

We also had a marathon reading day this week where we read the entire book of Beezus and Ramona.  Grandma had recorded the movie, so I wanted the girls to be familiar with the book first.  We had to take a break to paint though.  The girls went back and forth between watercolors and pastels, while Eli enjoyed finger paints.

I tried again this week to get 18 month pictures of Eli.  Yet another FAIL, but we're closer.  Hopefully we can try when Daddy is here to entertain him!


Bria had a 4-H meeting this week, so just me and her went to dinner before the meeting.  I really need to try to spend one on one time with them, so we are starting that now! Either next week or the week after I will try to take Nadia out alone too. We had some extra time after we ate, so we ran by Wal-Mart and found some glow in the dark bubbles. We even got a chance to try them out Saturday!

This was also our second week of gymnastics.  Unfortunately it did not go as smoothly as the first. Bria was in an obstinate mood and refused to do some of the things the teachers tried to get her to do.  Nadia was tired, and had a little breakdown right at the end.  The both got a chance to try out the uneven bars and vault as well as more work on the floor and balance beam.  

How Eli occupies himself at gymnastics;
at least while he isn't busy trying to run out on the floor with the girls.

I took Skippyjon Jones to work with me Friday, and neutered and declawed him. The declawed part was for Nathan; I am not a big fan of declawing kitties.  He was quite a nuisance with his claws though!  He did a great job, and has been great since I brought him home.  Guess he isn't a very wimpy kitty.  

When Bria had seen the above picture she said that must hurt. So when I got home with him the girls wanted to write on the white board, and this is what they wrote:

After it was dark Saturday we went outside to play with the glowing bubbles we found at Wal-Mart. The solution glowed nicely, but since the bubbles were so thin they did not glow as well.  They glowed well enough for the kids to chase them, but not well enough for my camera to see them. Actually my camera couldn't see anything to focus on, so I guess we are lucky to have any pictures.  

Since the bubbles wouldn't glow again, Nathan decided to try and write with some of the solution.  It worked!  The girls and Eli especially had a great time chasing the bubbles; I just wish they were rechargeable! 

I hope everyone else had a good week and next week is even better!