Sunday, January 6, 2013

End of 2012; Beginning of 2013 Review

So I haven't post a weekly review for a couple weeks now mainly because we have been busy with family and just fun stuff!  Most of my review will just be pictures (please excuse some of the first ones; my good camera got left at home).

A dance party for their cousins birthday!

A few Christmas gifts.

The girls playing with their favorite gift, so tiny Breyer horses. 
Family visiting means lots of games.

And general goofing off.

But the girls did have to do some reading.

Eli got tracks for his cars!

And the girls got to stay up and ring in 2013!

We had quite a bit of snow.

And lots of fun in the snow!



I think they have had a pretty good time this past couple weeks; it may be hard to get back to normal this next week! But we will get back to normal! I hope you all have had a good holiday break!