Thursday, January 17, 2013

All in a days nursing...

When I was asked to review a feeding cushion I was a little worried that we were no longer a target audience, what with being into our 14th month of nursing now. But given many months of practice I can safely say that when we've been at home, and sometimes when we've been away, we have always used a feeding pillow of one kind or another. Something that's just the right height to prop bubba with an arm underneath, without getting back, arm or side ache.

showing how it's done... in a much less dishevelled state when I had a baby this age!
Our previous incarnations have not been pretty to look at. Practical at best, any old cushion at worst. That's where the Little Bird Told Me feeding pillow comes into its own. Arriving all smartly packaged its designed for mums with a sense of style, cute pattern on one side and cosy soft material on the other. Will also hide more than our current cream pillowcase too, for those other no-time-to-clean mummies.

eco friendly and smart packaging
It also has more than one purpose, including adorable toys, for use as a sitting aid and for that much vaunted tummy time. I would've loved to receive this as a gift, and would definitely recommend this to other mummies. A feeding cushion is a must as far as I'm concerned, and in those lonely difficult days, and weeks, of trying to get to grips with feeding a constantly hungry baby, a pretty and well designed feeding cushion would've definitely brightened those dark-ish day a little. 

cute as a button
Now that we've mastered feeding, and survived teething with feeding pretty much intact, I love watching my little boy search out his feeding pillow when he's ready for his night feed. Pleased as punch he points to it, wriggling to get the comfy spot. 

long may these cosy evenings continue
Feeding as I type, being poked in the nose as normal, and mid side-tickle, I wouldn't change this part of my evening for the world. I know this won't last for always so I will treasure these moments while I can...