Thursday, January 24, 2013

Letter G Sensory Bin

The Letter G Sensory Bin was interesting to make.  It was easy to come up with words that start with G, but not as easy to find objects in the house that start with G.  What we did end up finding was Gloves, Grapes, Goats, a Gift, a Gate, and Giraffes.  (Using Giraffes for G sometimes annoys me; since it sounds more like J, I think it confuses kids). Several foam G's, our G book, and our singing magnet.  

Once I gave it to Eli we quickly realized the batteries in the magnet had died. Luckily the girls had swept out from under the freezer looking for a toy, so we found our smaller magnet that works with the same letters.  Eli loved the giraffes and goats, and he offered to let me eat the grapes.  Then he played with the magnet for a while. 

It wasn't long and he ran off to make the giraffes run around the coffee table!

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