Friday, January 4, 2013

Mismatched Sock Drama

For some reason mismatched socks are popular again, and my mom bought the girls some for Christmas.  I didn't think they would go over well with Bria who has always tended to be a bit OCD. I mean at 9 months old the kid refused to eat cheerios if they were broken! She has gotten better, but is usually pretty insistent on things matching.

After I washed them and gave them to her to put away, she brings me one sock and says, "I want to wear this; where's the other one?" So I try to explain to her they are mismatched socks, there is no other one, that is how they are supposed to be worn.  She replies with exasperation, "That's weird." I tell her she can still wear them, and she continues to insist she needs a matching one.  

I called her Mimi and asked if she can somehow find another set of Bria's socks because she really wanted to wear them. In the meantime I convinced Nadia to put hers on.  Finally after about 15 minutes of telling Bria that is how they are supposed to be and Nadia saying, "They're cute!" Bria tries hers on.  She was still reluctant, but she did decide they were ok.   I guess sometimes peer pressure can be positive.  She even wore the second set the next day!

I would say maybe there is still hope she won't be as crazy as me (they drive me nuts even on other people), or maybe not since they have set in her drawer since then.