Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bouncing Bubbles

This winter I have made multiple effort to freeze bubbles.  All have FAILED! Well the most recent one wasn't a complete failure.  I think the bubbles were starting to freeze, and I figured if they were cold to start with it would work.  I shoved them in the fridge over night only to be met with a warmer day the next day! So freezing bubbles will have to wait again.  

However, it wasn't a complete failure because we did get some bouncing bubbles out of the mix! The recipe I found online for touchable bubbles called for:

2 C bubble solution
1.5 C water
4 T corn syrup
4 T dish soap

This did NOT make touchable bubbles! I threw in 4 T of glycerin just to see what would happen, and they BOUNCE! They aren't as touchable as the touchable bubbles you buy in the store, but they bounce a lot better!  They were actually hard to catch because they would bounce off your hand.  Bria was able to catch a few while Eli were more concerned with popping them, and Nadia just wanted to watch for some reason.


If you are trying to catch them I would definitely wear gloves; they seem to stick a little better that way. And don't be discouraged if the first one or five bounce away!

They also do leave a sticky film when they pop just like the store bought ones.

It was a fun surprise from a failed experiment, and I will still be trying to freeze the bubbles as soon as the cold weather returns!