Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekly Review: A Week at Home

This past week was kind of a vacation for me;  I didn't have to go to work. It gave us more time to work on our new schedule.  I use the term schedule loosely as it is more of a guided routine. The girls are getting more used to it, but we are far from it going smoothly.  When we get it all worked out I will be sure to post more about it.  For some reason, figuring out a working schedule has been an issue for me since having Eli, so I am happy to find something that works without me giving up so much that things feel chaotic.  Maybe they still look it to visitors, but it is so much better to me!

We finished up talking about the letter D this week (about time right).  We pretended to be doctors (D is for Doctor)!

We also got to our Bible story about Miriam and baby Moses. We wove heart baskets and played a game of Hide the Baby.

We made (and ate) cookies! I am not good at roll out cookies; they never look how they should.  But the recipe I used was really yummy and soft.  I detest crunchy cookies!

We played Dixit.....a lot! The girls are really into this game, and Nathan is happy to have found a game they like that isn't little kidish.  He keeps insisting that if he gets them to play games they will have no problem finding nerdy husbands (his goal). He says "They will be cute and like playing games; a nerds dream." I just shake my head.

But the best thing for the girls this week was the snow! It snowed Thursday, cancelling art class, but it stuck for the kids to play in.  They had to go out as soon as they possibly could. Never mind the chilling wind that blew the snow in your face. They wanted out and right away! I had a hard time getting them back in too! Even Eli who couldn't even walk in the deep snow wanted to stay outside! Once we got in, we used some snow to make Snow Ice Cream!

We also made some snowflakes (lots of snowflakes) to send to Connecticut, but due to poor road conditions haven't they haven't made it to the post office.  They are packaged and ready to go tomorrow!

We did venture out Friday afternoon (just far enough to get to Nathan's work). They were having a Christmas party for all the kids! The kids were running around like maniacs while people were still at computers trying to work! My kids were terrified of Santa (big surprise, who wouldn't be), but they were happy to get gifts.  They were pretty happy to play with kids the same age too!

After a week of begging Bria to pull out her other loose tooth, it fell out Saturday.  While she was eating a french fry no less.  She ate apples and other hard things all week, and it stayed put! Maybe now we have a break from losing teeth!

Can't say how much I will be one the next couple of weeks; we will definitely get back to our normal posts after the new year! Enjoy the holidays!