Monday, December 31, 2012

New Look!!!

You might have noticed with the new year my blog got a new look! The way it all came about was nothing short of amazing.  I had been thinking about a blog button for sometime but hadn't looked into it much.  Finally I said something to my husband about it. No sooner had I mentioned it then I saw a contest of the lovely blog Two Red Birthstones; the prize, a logo or blog button! I entered immediately and to my astonishment, won! Danielle was very patient with my indecisiveness and came up with a beautiful logo AND button for me!  She was super helpful about how to use everything she sent! If you need anything done I would definitely contact her and see if she can help you (I bet she could)! She also has an Etsy shop Two Red Birthstones if you would like to see some more!

Thank You Danielle!!!!

Here is my super cute blog button if you want to grab it!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2013!!!