Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Recovery

A week of still exhausted and fairly cranky kids, that is what we just had!  Guess all the family time and holidays the past couple weeks wore them out a bit more then expected.  Lucky for us we didn't have a lot of extra activities planned!

We got home from my parents late Sunday evening, and Nathan immediately had to head out on a quick business trip. Made for a long night for me.  Without him here to tell me to sleep I just continue to work unaware of the time. I guess that is what happens when your (want) to -do list gets so long!

Monday was work and saying good-bye to family. I think the girls were a little sad to see their cousins go, but Eli was probably quite happy to not have to share his stuff and his grandma anymore!

The other exciting thing about Monday (being Cyber-Monday), I ordered a new camera! My current camera is still working well, but it is 3 years old.  Maybe that isn't really old for a camera, but it is the longest any of mine have ever lived!  Here is basically what I ordered a Canon T4i with an 18-135 mm lens and a 55-250 mm lens.  I was really after the 18-135, but the other was in the Cyber-Monday package too!

The middle of the week was pretty quiet.  We did our work and tried to catch up around the house.  We had moved on to the letter C this week, so we prepared our Letter C Sensory Bin for Eli.  Then the girls also got to be Chef's and Cashiers.  We finished the week by taking cupcakes to some local cashiers!

The girls and I also made cute little Milkweed Babies to go along with our Bible story this week.  We were lucky we found the milkweed to do it! I had to make Nathan turn the van around on some random road when I saw it!

I suppose we did have a little adventure Wednesday morning when the girls found a tiny, white grub in their acorns, or should I say out of their acorns!   After some research we determined it was an Acorn Weevil, and while it wouldn't hurt us, it needed to be in the dirt now.  It was promptly placed outside!

It was really nice out Thursday, so we played outside quite a bit.  For some reason they all became obsessed with this one tree while on our walk.  Bria thought it had strange colored bark I guess.

Friday while I was working the girls got to go to our towns little holiday parade.  Bria was so excited to see her 4-H group had a float and so did her Daddy's work!

Now we have started a new month! Seriously, where does the time go? I am still in a September mindset!  Surely this next week everyone will be caught up on sleep and their normal happy selves! I hope you all have recovered from your Thanksgiving holiday!