Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekly Review: Unusual Week

If I had to sum up this past week in one word it would be unusual.  Everything seemed different.  Most of this was my own doing because I decided we needed a better schedule (and better separation) of chores, "school work", and play time. Of course when you try to implement a new schedule you are met with resistance from your kids.  As a result we were running around an hour behind where I would have liked on most days.  The good news about our new schedule, both girls earned their allowance this week, and evenings were not nearly as chaotic as they had felt!

Just Eli feeding Skippyjon with a measuring spoon he swiped from the drawer.

Even with the new schedule we did a lot of fun things this week.  We actually made two trips to the mall this week (which I cringe at doing during this time of year), but we had to exchange Nadia's snow boots for the right size.  She is super excited they had the right size!

Of course the first time we were there Nathan stopped at a kiosk with hermit crabs.  As a result we came home with a hermit crab. Bria picked him out, so she named him Johnny.

Researching hermit crabs, we found they are not really hermits at all and prefer company.  Thus the second trip to the mall.  We came home with Nadia's crab, Cheerilee and Eli's crab, Batman.

I made the mistake of entering Barnes and Noble on this second trip to the mall.  I thought maybe we could choose books for completion of our reading charts now and have them ready. Bad, bad, bad idea! My kids walk into the children's section grab the first book that piques their interest, sits down (on the floor), and starts looking at it.  I try to point out another book I think they may like, so they walk over (with the first book), grab it, sit down, and start looking at it.  This continues until there is a pile of books for each girl. I am glad they like books, but it looks like we are going to have to go when we have lots of time to pick some out! They each have 7 books completed on their charts, but we still have some time before they get to 20!

More excitement for the week came from Bria losing her first tooth. The weird part of it was that it was not the first one that was loose (That one is still in her mouth), but it was the first one she got as a baby.  She was excited to use her new Tooth Fairy Pillow! For some reason though, she was also worried the tooth fairy forgot about her.  So she was excited to wake up to 2 gold dollars in the little pouch of her pillow!


The other really exciting thing for the girls this week was a birthday party in the middle of the week! The birthday boy didn't really care that it was his birthday.  The girls had a good time with their friend Stephen; while Eli had a good time trying to get into thing he shouldn't.

 We did do a couple projects this week too. We made some snowmen out of paper towel rolls to hang on the light (I finally took down the jellyfish from Nadia's party).

The girls wanted pink and purple snowmen.
We also made maps of the girls bodies (My Body Map).  That one took us some time, but I think the girls learned a lot!

Everyone had to play with the left over lung, I mean bubble wrap.
I had hoped to get a little more done, but between the new schedule, trips to the mall, and a birthday party it didn't happen.  Hopefully, this next week will go a bit smoother!