Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Little Behind, but Lots of Fun

This past week, we veered away from our typical work (yet again), so we could do a few extra activities.  Sunday we had a rare chance to spend time with some very busy friends.  We all went to eat at a Chinese restaurant and then went to the movies.  Bria's fortune at lunch was hilarious,  "If you tempt a squirrel with a nut, be prepared to be bitten." Seriously could not have been more appropriate for her and her recent obsession with squirrels!  I even saved it for her scrapbook!

Monday my new camera arrived! A Canon T4i with an 18-135 mm lens.  Just in time too! My old external flash unit broke just last week, and my indoor pictures were suffering severely. This new camera has a lot better low light capabilities!

Tuesday we headed to a nearby theater for their kids show.  It is the first kids show they have had since summer (as far as I know), and it was the first one we attended.  I of course neglected to think of the fact that there would be school field trips to the theater, and as a result it was packed! Luckily the employees went out of their way to take care of us, and we were seated in the front row! It was a pretty cute little play called Prince Absurdly Handsome. It was basically about a prince who only thought of himself and always plotted to glorify himself.  This turned ugly when a equally egotistical (and downright mean) peasant girl decided to take matters into her own hands captured a princess and then impersonating her to marry the prince.  Long story short, both the prince and the peasant girl ended up locked in the tower, and the real princess lived happily ever after.  The girls were pretty entranced by it, and Eli was very good.  He sat still for the first half, but then decided it would be more fun to flirt with the kids behind us.

And I gave the camera to Bria.

What happens when Bria takes a picture with her hand over the flash!
 And a few from the play!

We had some fun trying out printables for a review of the twinkl site as well.

Wednesday was story time, and the girls were excited to learn some signs for various animals.  Nadia of course liked giraffe the best, and Bria's favorite....squirrel.  We also made some Nutter Butter Snowmen!

Thursday we finally started on some of our letter D work.  We got our Letter D Sensory Bin made and we did a little egg experiment (D is for Dentist).

Friday the girls made little houses out of graham crackers with Grandma while I was at work.

Saturday the girls were surprised with Giving banks from Grandma since the have started receiving allowance now.

Then Eli and the girls had great fun playing with a Snuggie at grandma's house, while we had a great time laughing at the crazy hair they had from running under it! Gotta love static electricity!

We may be a little behind on our letter work, but it is worth it to add some of the extra fun activities! Hope you all have a great week!