Monday, December 17, 2012

Silly Pegasus Story

This is a little story I caught as the girls were playing with these little toy pegasi in the van.

Nadia, "Oh no! My wings are turning black; why are my wings turning black?"

Bria, "We need to take you home. You need to go to the doctor."

Nadia, "It's my power; my power is leaking out of my wings!"

Bria, "No, it's blood. Blood is leaking out your wings."

Nadia, "It's my power!"

Bria, "Blood is power!"

Nadia, "I don't know; let me check my computer."

Bria, "The bad girl pulled a plug out of your wings and now your blood is leaking out."

Nadia, "I need to get a new plug. You go get the bad girl!"

Then there was a few moments of quiet as they each worked through whatever they were supposed to be doing followed by:

Bria, "I got her! I got the bad girl!"

Nadia, "I don't have enough power back to make her good again."

Bria, "But I do!"

If we hadn't been in the van I would have been trying to get this on tape because it was just too funny. Sometimes I wonder what inspires their imaginations, but I guess I will never know.  At least I hope it brightened your day to!