Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rose Sensory Bin

This was a very impromptu sensory bin! I noticed the flowers the girls had gotten me were wilting and decided they should enjoy the softness of the petals. So I threw the rose petals in a bin along with some felt hearts I cut out, and the girls brought me Rapunzel (who is in serious need of some hair treatment) and Prince Charming (hopefully Cinderella doesn't mind). Then they had a little wedding in the roses.

The girls particularly enjoyed picking the petals up and letting them fall softly on the bride and groom. 

So if you happen to have some sad looking (but not dry and crunchy) flowers sitting around (from a recent holiday maybe), give them to your kids! 

A word of warning, some plants can be toxic, so I would watch carefully that they do not ingest them and wash their hands after handling them. HERE is one site you can check on if you are wondering how safe a plant is to use.