Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fake Snow (from diapers)

Last week the girls picked up some books about SNOW from the library; of course, it was a rather warm week with no chance of snow! So after reading Snowflake Bentley and The Story of Snow, we decided to make some of our own.


Once again I started dissecting disposable diapers (HERE is our first experience doing this). I left more of the white fluffy stuff this time since it is white like snow; I also threw in some glitter.

We added some water, and.....

instant snow! (We did add a little blue food coloring for fun too.)

This stuff is a wonderful jelly consistency that is also cool to the touch. Lots of fun to SQUISH!

Once they were done playing (when the snow started getting all over the floor), we decided it needed to melt away like real snow too.  So out comes the salt. Sprinkle and wait then stir a bit. Sprinkle some more if you didn't use enough the first time. 

The salt draws the water back out, and now the snow is gone!

So if you don't have real snow this is a pretty fun substitute! 
(Of course today we got some of the real stuff too!)