Thursday, February 28, 2013

Letter J Sensory Bin

If I thought Letter I was hard I was mistaken, Letter J was definitely harder to find things that would fit in a small bin. Luckily we were able to find some things without going to the store! So for the Letter J we had a pair of Eli's Jeans, a Jaguar, a Jeep, a Jet, a Jump rope, and our usual J book, J magnet, and foam J's

As I expected, the first thing he went for was the Jet; he grabbed it quickly and flew it around the room, "ffssssshhhhh."

Then he noticed the Jump rope. He has never seen a jump rope in action other then being used as a cat toy, but today Bria figured out how to jump over it! Of course he wanted to try after that!

We finally settled down enough to look at the remaining things and read the book, but he went right back to the jump rope!  Too bad he is still too little to jump! 

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