Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Word 2013 -First Month

Love, such a novel theme for this time of year (or not). Actually, it is my theme this whole year! Love is my One Word. I intend to write each month to update you on what I have learned on this one word journey.

When I started this, I figured my first month would be about how I show love to my kids, but in usual fashion things didn't work out like I had planned. Instead this past month I have made a huge realization.....I am Loved. Yes, I knew I was loved all along, but now I really KNOW I am loved. Not necessarily by any person (even though I am pretty sure there are some out there who do love me), but by God. It is one of those things that you know your whole life, and then something happens to make you realize it's true!

You see something (the what exactly is not important) happened this past month that I had been waiting and praying for and all I got in response was "wait." When all you hear year after year is "wait" you really start to wonder if it is really "no" and you misunderstood. But as soon as it happened the anxiety hit; the thoughts that "I don't deserve this so something terrible is going to happen now."  Through much prayer I have realized this wasn't a mistake. It was indeed God setting things in place to fulfill what I have desired so long. It was God keeping a promise to me. It was God loving me.

I'll admit sometimes I am a bit dense when it comes to myself, and perhaps this is why it has taken a long time and a pretty big situation to make me realize something so obvious to many others.  But I will take it none-the-less and cherish it and allow God's love to show me how to love others. After all that is really where it needs to start!