Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Building a Word-a-Pillar

Word Caterpillars are not new; I have seen them all over the internet as a fun alternative to a basic word wall.  I had intended making one for my kids as soon as we started learning Sight Words, but that didn't happen. Then again when I found some new sight word work to try. Still didn't happen.  Now we have done a few weeks worth of these new worksheets, and I finally started! I guess it seemed like too daunting of a task! 

Luckily my procrastination led to a fun result.  We had so many words to start our caterpillar with that we were able to play a little game to do it! I made and laminated all the current words then laid them in a pile face down on the floor.  The girls took turns drawing words. If they could read the word they drew they got to hang in on the caterpillar! This was VERY exciting to the girls! I guess there is something special about getting to tape something to the wall (or door frame in this case).

We kept going until most of the words were up.  They got stuck on the word "here," so I got to hang it up! 

Now it is easy to review words, plus since the circles are laminated we can take them now at any time to play a new game of Build a Word-a-Pillar!

Want to make your own Word-a-Pillar? Here is the PDF version of mine (so far); I will add files as I get them made!