Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letter I Sensory Bin

As I suspected, the Letter I was a bit harder to put in a box.  I did end up buying a couple things, but at least I didn't go so far as to build igloos (the thought crossed my mind)! We were able to come up with  an Inchworm, an Iguana, an Ice Cream Scoop, an Ice Cream Truck, an Iron Man (That was for Nathan), and an Insect along with our I Book, Magnet, and Foam I's

 I really wanted to include Nadia's Stuffed Influenza Virus, but I thought it might be a bit over their heads! (If you want your own you can find it here: GIANTmicrobes !)

While I was in the process of making this bin, Eli grabbed it and started going through it! Guess I know he likes them at least! After I finally got it together and gave it to him he quickly looked over everything before settling on the ice cream truck!

The whole time he repeated "i,i,i..." He seemed quite pleased with himself!

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