Saturday, February 16, 2013


After having to delay our Legoland trip for a couple weeks due to illness, we finally made it! The girls, Bria especially, was super excited! She looked at the brochure all morning, picking out what she wanted to do!

The long awaited arrival!

After a quick elevator ride we got to see how Legos are made (sort of). Although I suppose if these are the actual machines they use, their inefficiency would explain the cost of Legos!

Then headed into the main portion of Legoland.  They started the adventure with a ride to save the princess by shooting the bad guys with lasers. This is the one thing Bria was most excited about!   

I think these were the good guys on this ride.
From the first of the two rides straight to the second! I think this was supposed to be a Merlin's Apprentice sort of thing, but all I could think of was The Wizard of Oz! The girls didn't care they just wanted to go! At first they didn't want their cars to go up, but I am pretty sure they were over it by the end.  The trick was they had to pedal to get their cars up, and I am not sure their little feet could even reach the pedals!

While Eli really wanted to ride too, he was too short and had to entertain himself with the large pools of Duplo blocks sitting around the rides.  He dug out all the animals he could find as well as all the pieces on wheels. We ended up with an animal train. Luckily this entertained him for quite a while! 

I have to say the Miniland was the most impressive part of Legoland (to me). I can't even imagine how much time it would take to build the landmarks of Kansas City as well as the Emerald City! These are just a few pictures of the remarkable models. 

Union Station


Liberty Memorial
Emerald City

Look the Chiefs have fans! (The Royals did too)!
Then it was off to the races! Well first the girls had to stop and build cars.  This required quite a bit of help from Dad, but they were happy to design the car after the base was built! 

Bria won the first race!
The girls raced their cars for a while even sending them flying off super steep ramps, but Eli never seemed to tire of it.  He would even pick up leftovers from broken cars and race them! 

Of course there was some play in there as well.  A little indoor slide for toddlers and an even bigger indoor play place for big kids.  

Bria tried to sort out all the candles to make cupcakes with over in the Lego Friends section; she ended up with 50! Why she wanted them all is still a mystery!

Nadia got a kick out of riding this Lego giraffe (really not sure this was allowed, but we did it anyhow).

Both the girls also got to make bi-planes in the master Builder's Class.

Everything we read said the average visit was 2 hours long; we were there for 4 (not counting the gift shop)! By the time we were walking out the door, I think we all felt like this!

It was a whirlwind trip, but all the kids (even the biggest one) enjoyed it. Bria says her favorite part was the shooting ride, Nadia liked the 4D movie (beware you get wet), and Eli obviously liked the car racing!  I had hoped to see more models sitting about because it is amazing to me what people can build with them, but I was happy to se ehow much they all enjoyed it!  
I am sure this will not be a one time trip!

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