Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Return to the Gym and Other Stories

Its a been a long time and I thought I hadn't missed it. That not-very-well disguised smell, the overpowering air-conditioning, the awful europop... but it turns out that a session at the gym may have been just what the doctor ordered. If only I find some Willpower while I'm at it...

Clearly these have seen better days!
In the Pre Baby days I'd work out once or twice a week, go to a class, take a swim... this is what filled my evenings before I had a small persons tea, bath, and bedtime to organise. Well that and working stupidly long hours anyway.

A heavier pram now - more hills required!
Its been nearly three years since I got properly hot and sweaty (now now! ) and all the benefits of breastfeeding and baby-wearing are literally wearing off; with bubba down to just a bedtime feed, and wanting to walk most of the time. That and the fact that I'm back at work so my snack intake has dramatically increased.
baby wearing - great for burning calories...
It was a bit scary jumping on those scales for the Induction part of this gym malarky. Not literally, they may have given way under all the excess weight brought about by unecessary biscuit eating. 

It was good and bad news. I was heavier than a few months after having bubba, but luckily only by half a stone. That said it's going to be tough to shift. The friendly instructor put me through my paces (during which time she asked if I had a cold as I was clearly stuggling for breath. I nodded shamefully despite the fact that this is my usual state of Wellness...). She advised I need to work out twice a week to improve my fitness levels and burn some calories. Turns out that the Toddler Chase is not as calorie-reducing as I'd have liked. 
Running with Toddler - more needed!
Twice a week though. That's going to be hard enough as once the feel good factor wore off this morning, and the guilt-laden packet of crisps had been demolished following a crazy post-gym dash to the shops, the wave of tiredness hit me. That and the sugar crash, which was entirely my fault and probably the reality of my appalling lack of will power...

So come on lovelies, all of you that have managed this Being Healthy lark, how did you do it? Have you kept it up? And how can I force myself from the squishy sofa after the inevitable daily Bedtime Challenge?