Saturday, September 7, 2013

Green People Organic Sun Lotion Review

And here comes the end. Of summer anyway. And suddenly I have more time indoors and less swanning about in the sun. I have been remiss regarding my blog and suddenly I realise I have some work to do to catch up... but hey, everyone deserves a summer holiday right?

And what a summer it's been. There's been beaches aplenty, both the pebbly and sandy kind, there's been excessive use of the paddling pool, hose and sandpit outside, homemade ice lollies galore and all nature of things sticky and sweet...
Smoothie Berry Ice Lolly. Yum!
Luckily we avoided over-stickiness in the sun cream department - the lovely Green People sent us a handy travel size tube to try out. As bubba has super-sensitive skin we've found it hard to find decent suncream that doesn't either bring him out in a rash or entice all manner of sand, mud or general dirt to stick to his little arms and legs.

Whilst it was only Factor 25 and I wasn't sure how water resistant it was (toddler splashing is pretty much a guaranteed drenching - is that covered?), I re-applied every couple of hours, or once out of the water for a while. Happily bubba's skin was just as beautifully soft and smooth as ever, and has the look of a child who's been living in the garden all summer rather than any redness of skin...

Beachy Love
I love the Green People range, and whilst it is a little more expensive than the store own-brands (which does seem wrong that you pay more to get fewer, though better quality, ingredients!) I'm happy that its free of nasties such as perfume, alcohol, Parabens etc. Plus it contains 81% certified organic ingredients. Its available in most decent high street stores and comes in a variety of sizes, including the super-handy changing bag size tube.

You can never have too much sand to dig, right?
So here's to summer and all things sunny. And to sticky ice lollies, sandy sandwiches and toddler-style manic paddling... without sticky suncream, sunburn, tears... hats off to Summer 2013, you were a good one indeed!
Did you kick back and relax this summer? Or too busy chasing small people all over the shop? How did you stay cool and avoid sunburn?