Thursday, September 12, 2013

1st Day of School 2013

Compared to many others, we started our school year a little late. Actually, we waited until the day after Labor Day to start because we were gone the majority of August!

Prior to that day I spent way too much time reading every homeschool planning post I could find trying to decide how to plan our year. In the end I realized I would just have to try it to truly find what would work for us. The way I currently have our year planned is according the Sabbath Schooling method of 6 weeks on, 1 week off. I figured this would work well since it gives me flexibility to skip a day if needed and then make it up in the week off. As much as I tried to come up with good goals for the year, I ended up not making any, other then just to finish the curriculum in the year because I had no idea how quickly the girls would go through the material I have. I decided I would reassess at the end of the first 6 weeks and see if we seem to be progressing fast enough. I came up with a (very) rough idea of how I wanted ours days to go too.

I picked out  three core subjects to start the first week figuring we would add to them as the girls got used to the routine. So that first day I was armed with phonics, math, and handwriting.  It ended up being a good thing that I didn't want to start everything right away because our first official day of homeschooling wasn't even at home. My husband was starting a new job, and he had to travel for training. It happened that he had to go toward my mom's so we all went along!

We started our first day outside which was exciting for all the kids! The girls were even cooperative for their pictures! (If you are wondering the signs are made from colored pencil shavings.) Don't let the signs fool you they are working above grade level for most subjects, but we have decided for now to call the year whatever grade it would be in school no matter what grade they are working on. That may change as they get older.

Even Eli wanted in on school the first day!

The girls happily worked on their handwriting. They requested cursive back in the spring, so that is what we are doing! The were quite cooperative for their math (they hunted for 3D Shapes) and phonics that day as well! Of course reading is much better while wearing a princess dress!

They spent a lot of the day hunting for cicadas too, so we started our science notebook with cicadas! Yep, we even got an extra subject in!

I was pleased with how the first day went, but I should have known not to get too optimistic about the entire year as the second was not as smooth. We made it through the first week though, and in time they will get used to the new routine.

In fact with their daddy working from home now, we all have to get used to a very new normal! I'm not sure what that will look like yet, so please grant me a measure of grace if I don't post as often as I used to. I will certainly try because I know we have lots to share, but life may get in the way a bit until things settle down! Wishing you all a wonderful school year whether at home or away!