Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Letter Q Sensory Bin

Our Letter Q Sensory Bin was a bit more difficult to create (as expected). I did find (and make) a few things for the letter though. We had a couple dolls with crowns to be Queens (I specifically avoided using princess for P, so I wouldn't confuse him), a doll Quilt, some Quarters, a Question Mark (drawn on a note card and then drawn over with hot glue), a Q book, foam Q's, and our singing Letter Q Magnet.

Eli was very into the singing magnet this time. He was so excited to push it and here it sing about the sound Q makes. He liked to try and repeat it too!

Then he noticed the Quarters which immediately went to his bank (like any money he comes across).  He also liked the little Question Mark (although he tried to pick the glue off).

This is one box where he actually explored everything! He was busy with it for some time, and left a mess of Q items all over the kitchen.

I kind of suspect that he will be more interested in his letter bins this year as he is a little older and very interested in letters now. We may have to repeat the ones we have done once we get through!  Have you tried making any letter bins for your kids?