Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Start of Summer

     Most of this past weeks activities have already been blogged about; we did an experiment with gummis (Growing, Disappearing, and Rubberizing Gummis) and stamped with apples (Apple Stamping).  The girls and Eli also had a good time swimming in their little pool. Nathan has it set up with the slide gaining into it again this year.  Eli especially loves it and tries to get in it anytime we are in the back yard.

     One of the bigger things that happened this week is that Bria finally decided she might be able to read after all. She read  a little book to Nathan and 2 others to her grandma.  Hopefully she will have a bit mover confidence now that she has done it.  We also got the girls signed up for the summer reading program through the library. They are signed up as family readers and only have to read 60 minutes a week. I am pretty sure we read around 60 minutes a day in this house!  

The first book Bria read all the way through!
     The other big thing that happened was my little bird decided to leave. The last time I saw him was Thursday right before dinner. I tried to feed him, but he wasn't hungry.  He was definitely eating on his own, and really was becoming quite the juvenile delinquent. I was always having to search for him and had already had to climb a tree to get him down. Still I am a bit sad that he just left.  Occasionally when I call him he will call back from the neighbor's tree (usually), but I can never find him way up in the branches. I did have Nathan put up a bird feeder, so hopefully I will see him again. Nathan doesn't think it will be until next year though, so I may not recognize him.  I am happy with the fact that I at least gave him a chance!

Stuck in a tree
      I was also able to make invitations for Eli's birthday party.  It is hard to believe he will be a year old in less then a month! It always seems to take so much effort to get my scrapbook/card making stuff out these days.  I am happy to have it out of the way; especially with Bria's birthday not far behind.  Swimming, reading, and partying...that's how our summer is starting.