Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beads, Books, and Birds

      By far the most popular thing we did this week was playing with our glowing water beads (Glowing Water Beads).  I think the girls would have played with them all day every day, and Eli was a pretty big fan too.

    If last weeks big accomplishment was Bria reading an entire book on her own, then this week it was Nadia's turn! She read the same book as Bria, I Am Sam. Well she didn't read the entire book; Nathan said she only had to read half of it since she is younger. It was still a big accomplishment as it is a fairly long book for such a little person.  We also managed to finish reading "The Tale of Despereaux." It may have taken us a month, but we managed to get through the entire book.  Both of the girls say the princess was their favorite; no big surprise there.  Even Nathan read it (although he did the night before it was due).  It was definitely better then the movie!  I was so happy to be able to return that book when we went to story time this week rather then renew it again! I was thinking the girls would want a break from chapeter books for now, so I didn't check out a new one. Of course when we get home Bria asks, "did we get a big book? I wanted another big book." Guess we'll be finding one next week.

Girls in the monster masks they made at story time.
 Other then reading (although we do seem to do a lot of that) I have spent quite a bit of time watching my bird feeder for Crackle. I think I may have seen him. There were 2 fledgling grackles out there're one day, so I started clicking at them from my window. One flew away immediately while the others listened. He continued to stay and listen until I opened the door.  I can only assume it was Crackle.  Other then the flock of grackles that seem to be out there I have also seen cardinals, blue jays, sparrow, finches, a squirrel, and a rabbit (who sits under the feeder).   Since we have been doing a lot of bird watching the past few weeks, we decided to make a little bird nest craft this week. Check it out here: Baby Bird Craft

I think this is Crackle.  I had to paparazzi this picture
as most of the birds fly away as soon as you come to the window.
Crackle the Grackle

      Eli also did some big things this week.  He finally started signing "eat." he has been doing "milk" and "all done" for a while. Now if he would start using some "more" and "drink" he would probably be less frustrated. Most of the time all he wants to do is walk around with you holding his hands. Although he can take a few steps on his own he still isn't brave enough to take off on his own.  He also started stacking blocks this week; although his favortie game was to stack one and then pick up his stack and throw it! On Thursday I noticed that his 4th tooth had popped through. I am hoping he gets a little break from teeth for now.  Friday we headed to the clinic to weigh Eli; he is up to 17 lbs and 9 ounces.  This is still less then the 3rd percentile, but he did grow. I am interested to see what his doctor has to say next month at his check up.

He loves his Spiderman.
      Saturday we headed to Midwest Youth Camp for church services. Nathan and I used to direct the camp, and the girls have gone every year (even if it was just for a day).  This was Eli's first year.  He loved the music, but was pretty shy when it came to all the people.  The girls had a great time as some friends with kids there age also made it,  they were sad to leave, but we had to get Eli a nap! Actually they all napped the first half of the trip home.  We stopped to play at a park and feed Eli then finished the trip. I think the trip exhausted everyone! Let's hope we all get some rest; a new week starts tomorrow.