Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day and Beyond!

     This week started with Father's Day on Sunday. Nathan got to sleep in late, and when he woke up Bria asked him what he wanted to do. She gave him two options: go to a play park or go to Grandma's. Lucky for her Nathan didn't early have anything he wanted to do, so we had lunch at a park before heading to Grandma and Grandpa's.

We found a ton of horsetails at the park.
Nathan tried to say it was bamboo, but I knew better!
I told the girls bamboo grows in China where pandas live, and
 Nadia replied, "I have a panda, but he is a pillow. He's not real."

    While the food was cooking that evening the girls hot in a spray bottle fight with their dad, who then got the hose!

     Monday we headed to Columbia. We were able to find some things on our list for upcoming parties, and since we had Grandma there, the kids were able to find some gifts for each other. Bria and Nadia chose Eli's, and Nadia chose Bria's despite Bria insisting that she choose her own gift.  Nadia was so excited that we were able to pick something out and go buy it without Bria knowing! After buying it she carried it through the store saying, "Bria will like her present. It's a surprise.". We also got ice cream and played at a park. We did find a new splash park that we will have to try out another day.

     Tuesday we spent the morning making storms in the kitchen.  The girls still seemed pretty tired from the day before, so they weren't too into all the experimenting.  They did enjoy their colorful Storm in a Jar (It's Raining; It's Pouring) though.  Nothing too interesting the rest of the day other then me trying to capture Eli walking on video. By the time I got far enough away to see allow him, he was already headed toward me!  

     Wednesday is library day.  This weeks story time was extra special because they had hired a professional story teller. Unfortunately it was at the same time as Eli's nap, so we had a pretty tired, wiggly little guy for it. He made it through without fussing much, but he would not hold still and was quite intent on pulling the ponytail on the girl in front of us.  The girls did pretty good even when it went a little long. They even helped out with one of the stories! 

    Thursday I decided it was time to get the playroom back in order. Well Bria wanted to rearrange things and put more toys in her room. So we moved some things to her room, rearranged a couple bookcases, and put all their craft things in the play room.  Sounds like a simple enough task, but with all 3 kids helping, it took most of the day! Now to decide if we will bunk the girls' beds or not. I also tried again to get a good video of Eli walking.

     As usual I worked on Friday, but I hear the girls went to a museum here in town. I am sure they had fun just exploring a new place.  

     We had originally planned to head to the lake this weekend after church, but plans changed when I had a patient that could need care over the weekend. I decided to stay. The girls got to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's, so I'm sure they didn't mind. Maybe another time.  
     I just wanted to add a few photos that I forgot to add last week.I am always forgetting to put pictures from my little camera on my computer!

Bria with kittens Sauna and Tuna (I think).

Eli loving a kitten (maybe Bonna; I can't keep their names straight).

Bria's drawing of David and Goliath
. Goliath is the big one with muscles, and David is the little one with the slingshot.
Bria is the medium sized one.