Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tail Feathers and Tail Bones

     .Just finished an interesting week.  It started off busy with family and friends coming over on Sunday. Luckily Monday was Memorial Day, so we all got a little chance to rest (catch up on cleaning).  The girl were going to spend the night with their grandma, and Nathan wanted to pick goose berries, so the 3 of them headed out after dinner. After they left Eli and I decided to take a walk. Almost immediately I saw a baby bird sitting by one of our trees right next to the sidewalk. At first i wasn't going to do anything, so we just continued out walk. After we returned and got Eli into bed I went back out to check on it and take some pictures.  It was still there, and while I could hear the mama bird yelling at me when I got close I never saw her come down to it.  After I took a couple pictures, I made a clicking sound to get its attention for a picture of its face.

  I got its attention! It was hungry!

Well I couldn't let the poor thing stay hungry, so in I went to research what to do with it. I came across an ornithology site that said what I already knew, most baby birds do not make it even when in the nest with mom. It did say you could attempt to give it a mixture of kitten food, hard boiled egg, and meal worms. Well  I had adult light cat food and eggs, so that would have to do. Added some water and mixed it up in the magic bullet. Found a little pair or tweezers to feed it with as well as a shoe box and some paper towels to make it a nest.  Went out and put the little guy in his nest and moved him to another tree away from the sidewalk. The mama bird was still yelling at me as I did it, but she still hadn't come down to feed baby.  I left him under the tree just in case she would come down.  Every time I went out he was hungry, and I never saw another bird go down to him. They always caused quite a racket when I went out there, but never came down. So I fed him every hour with my little tweezers not even knowing how long he would live.  Luckily birds (even babies) sleep all night.  He stayed in his little nest by the tree until early Thursday when it began to rain. I didn't want him wet, so I brought him in and stuck him in the kitchen in a cat carrier.  He seemed content there, so I have kept him there. He changes every day, and my hopes are to get him released as soon as he can eat and drink on his own. We have a long ways to go, and I sure hope he makes it! I will definitely be posting a more in depth bird post at some point.
     You would think a baby bird would be enough excitement for one week. But no, I had to go and make things more difficult. We picked the girls up Tuesday evening, and the went home and immediately to bed.  Wednesday morning, early, around 8, I managed to miss the chair I was sitting on and bruise my tail bone. The pain was so intense that for the first couple hours I couldn't stand more then a moment without feeling like I would pass out.  After that it was manageable, but very difficult to get around or do anything.  We managed to get through the day, and the next day was a bit easier.  Didn't get a whole lot accomplished other then feeding the bird (and the kids), but we got by. Luckily I was able to make it to work Friday (with my bird). It still hurts a bit especially when I bend over, but I'm healing.
     Friday evening I noticed Eli's second tooth poking through (he got his first the Friday before). Then Saturday I was able to get him to take a few steps. He had to be encouraged quite a bit, but he ended up taking 5 good steps in a row for me. He is growing too fast!  We also made the bird a new house Saturday evening, but that will wait for another post.

Tooth number 1; no picture of number 2 yet. You can see it a bit under his gum here.