Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Bird Craft

     I came across this cute little nestling bird craft and thought it would be perfect considering our recent bird adventure (Crackle the Grackle).

     To start with you need paper lunch sacks, 2 sizes of pom poms (ours were about 2 and 1.5 inch diameter), nest filling, egg shells (washed and dried), orange felt, black puffy paint, and some sort of glue (we used hot glue).

     Start by rolling down the paper bag to make a nest shape.  Add the nest filling. This can be whatever you want. We used some sparkly trim pieces and colorful feathers, but paper grass, real grass, twigs, ribbons, anything would work.

     Set your eggshell inside.

     Glue the small pom pom to the larger one. Glue on a small, orange, felt triangle.for a beak and add 2 dots of black puffy paint for eyes.

     Set your little, nestling bird in its egg shell, and you're finished!

     The girls also decided to make nests for the tiny dinosaurs they got out of these fizzy bath eggs.

     Really a pretty simple, cute craft, and now they can decorate our table.