Thursday, April 25, 2013

Teething and the Snoodie

So. This week we've mostly been enjoying teething. OK - yes you're right, the opposite is true. Its been pretty horrendous to tell you the truth and we've gone through industrial quantities of nurofen and calpol despite my unfounded hatred of both. Turns out these molars are pesky blighters. Putting it mildly. Now we're watching our (OK, my) language round toddler - not wanting the oh-so-cute words of mummy, daddy, up, and eye corrupted completely by foul-mouthed-mummy. (Am sure it will happen. There's been at least two b-words today and almost an f- ! And it was only over hummous).

The results of the latest round of teething...
And we're dribbling again. Thought we'd left that delightful period long behind. But it turns out: no, its back. With avengence. This time cute Velcro dribble bibs won't cut it. And won't fit. Most dribble bibs being aimed at small babies as we've discovered. But any Velcro ones, well, they're off in a flash.

We were lucky enough to try out the lovely Snoodie, which has two popper settings to fit your little one. Anyone with an inquisitive (OK, willful)  toddler will know the impossibility of ensuring any garment not tied, buttoned or poppered on,  remains about their person. So the Snoodie's poppers are most welcome. In any event toddler seemed keen on his new neckerchief so no battle of wills, or poppers, ensued.

Our Snoodie was a funky green, good for us as we love bright colours, and adds a somewhat stylish accessory to one's overall outfit. Slightly French if you will. (Yes. I'm aware that is highly stereotypical. But hey.) Its all washable and soft smooth cotton as you'd expect, and caught all that dribble without soaking through.

So, in the fug of sleep deprivation and mayhem of the molar-cutting experience, I would recommend this stylish but practical accessory to make your little one feel a bit brighter...

We were sent a Snoodie for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post.