Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Letter M Sensory Bin

Hooray for the Letter M!  This sensory bin has been one of the easiest to find things to go it; I guess M is just a popular letter!  So for our Letter M Bin we found a Mask, a Medal, a Monster, a Monkey, a Motorcycle, a Mermaid, a Mouse, a Man, a piece of Meat, our M book, M Magnet, and foam M's.

Eli was already quite good at making the mmmmm sound, and apparently he had learned (somewhere) that M is what makes the sound because he started saying, "mmmmmm, mmmmm," as soon as he saw the box.  Of course the first thing he pulled out was the motorcycle! He drove it around for a while before moving on.  He decided the mouse should eat the piece of meat, and then he went back to the motorcycle! 

I did get a short video of him exploring some of the bin. You can even hear him say, "mmmm." 

Have you tried letter sensory bins with your kids yet?