Monday, April 29, 2013

M is for Mechanic

Our second Community Helper for M is Mechanic! To start with we went over different parts of a car. We found some great sheets on Twinkl where you label the parts of a car. (I did make my own list since we name things a bit different here in the states).

Then I got out a big box and let them paint it like a car. They added tires, wheels, controls on the dash,  a number, and a happy face, of course. Once it was dry I told them they could play in it, but they didn't want to. They just wanted to pretend to fix it with their little tool set, so off they went to get their tools and be Mechanics!

They decided on Number 11.

And the dashboard they painted.

After watching them saw, hammer, and drill their pretend car, I got out play dough; with the play dough they could really see how the tools worked.

They learned a little about cars and tools although I think they were most interested in the play dough. I do have a feeling that this will be a lot more fun when Eli gets a little older. After all he is already very into "vrooms!"