Thursday, April 4, 2013

Letter L Sensory Bin

For our Letter L Bin we found a Lion, a Lobster, a Ladybug, a Lizard, a Lemon, a Lettuce Leaf, a Lock, a Lego, foam L's, our L magnet, and our L book.  

As soon as I placed the bin on the floor, he proceeded to pick the objects up one at a time and replacing them in the box. This was actually pretty strange for him as he normally settles on one or two objects he really likes. He did really enjoy the magnet and book this time as well as the lemon (although he just wanted to throw it like a ball).

It become quite evident with our Letter L Sensory Bin, that Eli really enjoys the letter bins. I asked him if he wanted to look at his Letter L Bin, and he ran over to it and tried to grab it from the table!  Makes me happy to know he likes them,

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