Sunday, April 29, 2012


     So this isn't really worthy of a blog post, but I was proud of my pancakes.  Saturday morning the girls asked for pancakes. Then Bria proceeded to request a flower and Nadia a horse. The last time I attempted to make shapes the results were disastrous!  This time, however, I had a griddle, and it really made a difference.  Bria saw Nadia's horse, and then decided she needed a horse instead of the flower. I was so happy the first few turned out that I just kept making them!  We ended up with quite the variety; can you tell what they are?

     In case you couldn't tell from top to bottom: horse (one of them), butterfly, seahorse, dolphin, elephant, dinosaur, flower, whale.  I made others, but just chose a few to add!  Maybe the next ones will be better!