Thursday, April 19, 2012

9 Months Old

     So this post comes a couple weeks late, but I wanted to wait until after Eli's 9 month appointment which was today! He weighs 16 lbs ( less then 3 %) and is 27.5 inches long ( 23 %).  The doctor is still a little concerned about his weight, but said, "He is a wild man; that may have something to do with the weight problem."  We kind of already knew that since he never stops moving!

     A couple days before he turned 9 months old, Eli started pulling himself up. Now he spends a lot of time on his feet cruising around furniture or just happy to be standing.  It is getting really hard to keep him out of anything!  

     Recently I moved the stairs on their slide down to his level, and he immediately climbed up them! He just likes to hang out at the top rather then slide down, but I know that will come.

     Another favorite of his is (and always has been) eating. He is done with purees and starting to eat a lot more "table" foods.  He still pretty much loves anything you give him with the exception of kiwis. If you aren't faster then him he will snatch things off you plate too!

     He loves getting a hold of anything of the girls, and if he is lucky he can catch a cat from time to time. It is looking like he is going to be the orneriest of the three (that's a scary thought)!  He is still definitely a mama's boy and loves to cuddle (with me at least). Although now that he is moving more he is also gaining some independence. That may mean attacking the at, unrolling the toilet paper, pulling lids out of a drawer, or trying to chew on one of his sisters' legs, but at least he is starting to find ways to entertain himself!