Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finally started a a blog!

    Looks like I have finally given in and started a blog.  My hopes are to preserve memories for myself while sharing with others and also share some of the fun things we do around here.  I am also hoping to be able to go back and add things we have previously done as time permits. Anyhow, I sure picked a crazy week to start!
    This past week was not like I had planned.  It started out like most other weeks with work on Monday; then we started our "naked egg" project (post coming soon) Tuesday. However things changed quickly Tuesday evening when Eli reached for me and poked me in the eye. It was quite irritated and most likely scratched, but I hoped it would be better int he morning. No such luck. Around 2:30 am, I woke up and couldn't open it. The stinging also made it impossible to get back to sleep. I took Ibuprofen and waited, fed Eli and waited, and finally gave up and headed to the ER at 3:30. That alone was enough unpredictability for me for a week, but as I walked past the upstairs door I notice it was wide open! Assuming Sean and Mindy didn't want their door open I shut it and went on my way. Was only at the ER long enough to have my eye stained to reveal the "baby finger nail" shaped scratch on my cornea and get some eye ointment. Got back to sleep and thought I heard my phone go off. I ignored it; I had also thought I heard it raining (it wasn't). When I decided to check, I had a text from Mindy. It seemed she woke up to a cat in her living room. Not just any cat though, my ungrateful Triscuit who had been evading our traps since January.  Unhappy to be caught, Triscuit has only left the bottom of the basement stairs to eat while no one is looking.  Hopefully he will re-adjust to the hard life he has indoors.
     Just to add to the excitement, I took all 3 kids to get haircuts Wednesday afternoon. A first for Eli and Nadia! Eli cried the entire time he was in the chair (not long for his little haircut), and Nadia pouted the whole time (she wants long princess hair).  Bria was a little nervous, but she wanted her hair shorter and now seems to like it pretty well.  That was pretty much the end of productivity for the week as I had some sort of cold/ flu thing on Thursday and work on Friday. Maybe next week will be less eventful!

Eli During

Eli After

Nadia During

Nadia After

Bria During

Bria After