Friday, April 20, 2012

Messy, messy...

     This past week I decided to do a couple of experiments with the girls. You would think by now I would know that anything I decided to do with them would be messy, not just normal messy, but super messy as they take everything to the extreme!

     First on the list was an ivory soap cloud. Nothing too hard about this experiment, you take a bar of ivory soap and microwave it.  The air that is whipped into the soap expands creating a foam.  The results are quite dramatic.  I tried to microwave it for 3 minutes and had to stop at 1.5 minutes because I was overwhelmed by the smell.  But we had an impressive amount of foam which was much drier then anticipated. Bria described the texture as that of a paper towel.

       They found a little piece that was still soft, so I re-microwaved that part and got more foam.  Little did I know that while I was re-microwaving this little piece the girls were crumbling the rest into tiny little pieces.  Not only did they disintegrate all the foam they then decided to cover everything including themselves in it.  Luckily it was just soap and cleaned up fairly easily with a little water.

     Wednesday we had a visit from the Parents as Teachers lady, Ms. Rose. She evaluated Eli first (he scored high even on the 10 month evaluation), but after she had an activity for the girls. We put some water with food coloring in an ice cube tray and then used eye droppers to make drops on a coffee filter. Not too messy until Bria got a hold of it. She would drop entire droppers in the same place on the coffee filter allowing colored water to bleed through the paper towels. Luckily Ms. Rose had a vinyl tablecloth underneath. Cleaned that mess up, and then they tried to do the same on waxed paper to see the difference. Once again Bria got carried away with the water, and had huge puddles on her waxed paper. Lots of paper towels got that mess under control.

     After we had some quiet time we decided to do the milk experiment. You know the one with food coloring and dish soap. You take milk and put drops of liquid food coloring in it. Then you dip toothpicks in dish soap and dip it in the food coloring. The soap disrupts the surface tension creating large circles of color.  It only does that so long (especially in 2% milk); then it becomes a solid color mess.  The girls kept trying to add more color to it with no luck. So they just started stirring the colors in.  Between colors and stirring we ended up with green milk all over the table and floor!  They did seem to have a good time though.  Next time I will try it with whole milk; the extra fat should make it even more impressive.

     Thursday was regular check-ups for Eli (9 months) and Nadia (3.5 years). 3.5 years is not a "normal" check-up, but it was in place of her 3 year, so I can start taking them all in July next year and avoid flu season.  Nadia was very cooperative for the doctor, and checked out fine. Eli was crazy as always, but check out fine other then still being thin.  The doctor did tell me to continue pushing carbs and meat for Eli instead of fruits and veggies to try and help him gain. Not too hard to do since he loves them! The rest of the day we ran some errands, and I came home to a surprise, an ipad from Nathan! It is supposed to be a combination Mother's Day, Anniversary, and Birthday gift; I really think he just wanted one to play on too.

     The rest of the week was pretty uneventful although I did see a cute little monkey at work on Friday.  Nathan is headed back to St. Louis for work on Sunday, but we have different plans this time around!