Sunday, August 12, 2012

Clean and Messy Too

The beginning of this week got rolled in to the end of last week with us being away at camp.  Other then being extremely tired, Monday was pretty normal.  Busy day at work, and we had two cute little monkeys come in.  I am not a fan of monkey's as pets, but they are very interesting animals.  One had a quite the personality too.  The video was taken with my phone, so it is worse quality then my usual ones!

Tuesday I dissected diapers, so we could make our own version of this Squishy Baff  stuff.  After screwing up once we had a lot of fun with the messy stuff.  The kids all liked shoveling it around.  I would have left it goo longer if it had not been for Eli trying to eat it.  The video shows me turning some of it back to water again by adding salt.

That evening the girls watched Tangled for the first time.  Bria really seemed to like it, and Nadia really liked the lanterns.

Wednesday I planned on going to the park for a Texture Walk, and of course it was raining.  We certainly needed the rain; there were still huge cracks in the ground at the park.  The girls had a good time exploring all the different textures.  However, they really enjoyed playing on the little beach at the end of the trail.  Eli enjoyed that part too.

Thursday we actually did a couple of little projects.  The girls played with little animals and play dough to see what their foot prints would look like (What Made that Print).  Unfortunately we found our play dough needed to be replaced so that activity didn't take much  time.

For some reason.both girls were really tired and took naps but once they woke up we did a little painting.(Watercolor and Salt Painting)  Bria really wanted to play instead, but Nadia had a good time.

They also cleaned up their room and built a village for their ponies and princesses.

While I was working Friday the girls watched some rhythmic gymnastics (well at least Bria did as Nadia was a little sickly) which renewed their interest in ribbons and hula hoops.

Bria also took the initiative and cleaned and organized their playhouse!

Showing me their newly organized kitchen.

Saturday afternoon we headed to a birthday party for Eli's little cousin Ari.  Most of the time was spent trying to keep Eli out of puddles of water which he ended up sitting in. He was occupied a bit with the puppy there too.  The girls saw a walking stick, and Bria had fun writing in the dirt.  They had the most fun playing in the almost dried up creek bed next to the Pinnacles.  The water was very shallow, so they were able to actually play in it.  Both girls ended up sitting in the water too, but luckily, we had brought extra clothes.  The girls tried to follow the adults up the rocks to the the top, but they, of course, we're too small.  So we went around on the path to the top! Eli went most of the way too. At the top Bria somehow fell into a rock and got a big bump on her forehead.  On the way down we took a different path leading to the other side of the pinnacles.  There Bria was trying to skip rocks like Daddy and Grandpa; most of hers just went straight in.  After changing clothes we headed home, so everyone could rest after a long day.

Happy Birthday!

Trying out Ari's present

Walking Stick

Writing in Dirt
Backwards Following Daddy

Bria, Eli, and Nadia

Trying to climb up after everyone else.

A view of the water the kids were playing in from the top of the pinnacles.

  Next week we will be on a big adventure to Indiana! I don't know