Monday, August 6, 2012

Better Late then Never

Getting home late Sunday from a weekend without internet made this post a little late, but at least I got it done!

The first part of last week was pretty uneventful and yet exhausting.  Eli somehow caught a cold, and was quite crabby Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday! He was better by Wednesday although the snotty nose continued the rest of the week.  Legos were the girls' choice to entertain themselves while we dealt with the sick baby.  Bria is getting really good at putting houses together for the little Lego guys.   We also did manage to make some ladybugs and fireflies while Eli napped Tuesday. And there was lots of Olympics!

Wednesday the girls both had check-ups at the dentist.  They both were very cooperative this time! Bria let them get x-rays of her mouth, and Nadia tried, but her myth was too small for the little pieces they put in to isolate the teeth.  We also got to see our friend Abby who had just moved to town!  They were all happy to see her; Eli even gave her a big hug!  I know they will enjoy having her closer.

Thursday morning we headed out to the park early before it got hot.  They had just put some mulch down, and it was difficult for Eli to walk in.  The girls weren't interested for long either, so we drove over to the little beach there.  Eli loved the sand! He loved raking it and letting it run through his fingers.  The girls liked the stone stairs and the little peninsula we walked on.  Bria even noticed some deer tracks in the beach!

Thursday afternoon we made a big mess  Fizzy Sidewalk Painting.  I was really procrastinating on packing for camp, but all the kids had a good time and a bath afterwards!

Friday morning was interesting to say the least.  My renegade cat, who had been on the loose for a couple months, somehow came home.  I had heard what sounded like the back door Thursday night, but when I went to look the door was shut. Friday morning I went out early to feed Triscuit and hang out diapers.  No sign of him while I was out side.  I walked into the living room and heard "meow" followed by Creature and then a second "meow" followed by Triscuit! His food was untouched outside, and he was super hungry.  He was being very tolerant of Eli too for some reason.  I'm just glad that he came home even thou I know, given his history, it may not last!

Friday afternoon, after the girls had cleaned up their room, I let them have a little tea party with the new set Bria got from her Mimi.  Bria fell in love with the tiny silverware, so we had to come up with food it could be used with.  We ended up serving cut up nutri-grain bars, marshmallows, and a few skittles along with water.  Both girls put on dress up clothes and enjoyed their little snack, especially cutting the nutri-grain bars and pouring the water.

Friday evening we headed out to church camp; not really one of my favorite things, but the girls enjoyed it.  They seemed to enjoy their class and of course all the kids.  I was surprised Bria actually paid attention in class and could tell me what it was about! Eli seemed to enjoy it although he was a bit shy of all the people.  He did not enjoy sleeping there!  For naps he had to be held or pushed around in the stroller, and both nights we were there he ended up in our bed at some point.  At least he got some sleep.  I also confirmed Bria does talk in her sleep.  Eli's favorite part might have been the food.  He also enjoyed causing all sorts of trouble (not uncommon for him), especially chasing other kids.  I think it might be better if I just brought some cleaning supplies, so I could clean our cabin and bathroom before I had to live there!

Since I am posting a day late I will include Sunday in this post.  After leaving camp Sunday, we went to visit a friend of Nathan's who wasn't too far away.  Eli instantly made friends with his dog who really was very, very sweet.  We finally made it home around 8:30; when I then tried to get something caught up around here before work on Monday!