Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Secret Organizational Tool

You may have noticed I didn't post a review of this week.  Well I don't think a whole lot has happened that can't be summed up in all the posts over the past couple weeks.

Today however I did get some unexpected organizing accomplished.  While the girls were cleaning their room I came up with the idea to make a rib organizer on their door.  There was a  shoe organizer (which I use for everything) on the back of the door, so I thought I could hang the ribbons from the hooks.  So I did one side and realized I still had ribbons to hang.    A reason to buy another shoe organizer! Now I had to decide what to put in it.  That's when I noticed my mess of tissue paper. The result was quite exciting!

And the girls hairbows:

When I said I use shoe organizers for everything I meant it.  Shoes (of course), ties, gloves, hats, and random pany supplies.

In the past I have also used them for art supplies and small toys, but they all had to be put away thanks to one grabby baby.  Basically, I love them for using space that is otherwise ignored. Especially being in a fairly small space with so many people!