Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sensory Play the Easy Way

I admit it. I always Mean to Do sensory play. I downloaded that darn make-your-own-playdough maybe ten times. And I've still not come close to even raiding the cupboard for ingredients... Lunchtime today was a tough mental switchover from work mode to toddler mode. I struggled to.think of an engaging, free-play idea. And hubby had already done the Park in the morning.

I've been meaning to do.more.counting, more shapes, more labelling. So as it was at last a sunny day we went out for a stroll to get some sea air, and to have a play on the beach. As we selected a spot for a run about (always a challenge on pebbles!) I realised that we could combine fresh air with some fun sensory play. First we explored different size pebbles that would fit into a crack in the groyne, looking for thin, flat pebbles. Trying to explain what thin means to a Toddler was a little mentally trying but by trial and error we got there.

The quest for the Perfect Pebble
Next we searched for round pebbles to roll down the ramp to the beach, rolling them up then watching them roll back towards us. The concept.of gravity is a bit beyond me to explain but the pebbles (not literally, fear not for my sanity) did the talking...

Good old fashioned Push a Pebble fun
Chasing a feather in the wind the Toddler found hilarious, as it inevitably blew just out of reach as soon as we got close. Concepts of weight, and floating again - clearly this was our lesson in physics this afternoon!! 

The art of Feather Chasing
Then we finished off with a Pebble Tower, which was demolished before it really began on several occasions, proving tricky to catch on camera! We looked for flat pebbles, learning about balance and stacking... much more choice than our stacking bricks at home!

Stupidly proud of my (ahem, Toddler's of course) pebble tower
So if the sun ever shines again this Autumn, or you are one of those amazing parents/carers happy to brave wind and rain, why not head to the nearest outside space and see what you can explore... There are so many concepts and experiences to be had, for free, which if you include feather-chasing, are pretty likely to get your baby laughing (even if it is mostly At you with than with you!)