Sunday, October 6, 2013

Letter R Sensory Bin

The Letter R Sensory Bin was a pretty easy one to make; I even put a bit of filler in it! The contents of our Ltter R Bin included a Robot, a Raccoon, a Rooster, a Rhinoceros, a Rabbit, a Rubik's Cube, a Rectangle, a R book, the R magnet, and foam R's. I used Rice as the filler.

I was not too surprised that Eli was so into the rice. In fact he pulled everything out of the bin just to play in the rice!  He did take a minute to explore the rest of contents. He even hugged the stuffed animals before using them to sweep the rice around the bin.

He played with it until all the rice was on the floor and then he turned to the Rubik's cube which he proceeded to mess up (luckily it doesn't take his dad too long to fix them)

Even though it meant more clean up, I am glad I used the rice; he had such a good time with it.  I will have to try to think of some fillers for future bins!