Friday, May 31, 2013

Our 10th Anniversary

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful couple....

 ...and this upcoming weekend will be 10 years since Nathan and I said, "I do."  Doesn't seem like it could possibly have been that long already! I am so grateful that God brought him into my life, and that he chooses to spend every day with me.  I certainly don't think he has it too easy either. I have a tendency to be overly emotional about things and to worry and to not be so trusting; really the list goes on and on. But despite all of that he is here.

So today I wanted to share our engagement story with you all. Not only because it demonstrates very clearly what Nathan deals with, but it should also give you all a laugh (I know it always does us).

It was a normal day, I went to classes in the morning, and came home in the evening. (At the time I lived in a a studio apartment with my 2 cats.)  I don't remember seeing Nathan's car there when I arrived, or if it was I thought nothing unusual about it. Then I walked inside to see little lit candles making a winding trail through my apartment. Occasionally there is a larger candle with a little card next to it. Normal girl reaction would probably be something along the lines of how sweet or how romantic; my reaction is to freak out thinking, "WHERE ARE MY CATS!" Seriously, this is what is going on in mind. Obviously by now I know Nathan is there somewhere, but the cats are no where to be seen and there is fire all over the apartment!  I go racing through the apartment to the bathroom (which is the only door in a studio apartment) still completely freaking out! My heart was racing as I banged on the door demanding to know where my cats were. Nathan opens the door and looks at me, with slight annoyance, and asks, "Did you read the notes?" My response, "NO! There are candles everywhere, and I can't find my cats!" Very sternly he says, "They are in here. GO BACK AND START AGAIN!"  I am sure I had a bit of a pouty face at this point, but I calmed down and  went back. I found several sweet notes each with a reason he loved me on one side and a single letter on the other. (I still have them all too.) At the end, all the letters spelled out "MARRY ME." Of course I said yes, and we have been laughing about this ever since.

8 months later we were married, and we have been pretty happy ever since; even though I do still worry about where my cats (and now my kids) are! I hope this little look into a small part of our story has made you smile!

Now back to the wedding this past weekend. Since I have loads of pictures to sort through and edit, I will not be posting much, personally, the next couple weeks. I do however have some great guest posts from some amazing bloggers to share with you! I hope you enjoy them, and we will get back to normal very soon!