Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letter N Sensory Bin

The Letter N Sensory Bin means, we are over halfway through the alphabet! For our Letter N Bin I included a Nest (made from dried grass), a rolled up Newspaper, a Necklace, a Nickel, the Number Nine, a toy Nail, Noodles, a Nose, foam N's, an N book, and the Letter N Magnet.

Eli ran for the bin when he saw it and immediately started throwing everything out! He was after the noodles for some reason. When he found the nickel he ran to his bank to deposit it and then returned to the noodles.

He did explore the toy nail a bit (by putting noodles in it) and he was thrilled to show me the Mr Potato Head nose and his own nose (luckily he didn't put noodles in it).

In the end I think the noodles were still his favorite part. They ended all over the kitchen, but at least I know he enjoyed himself!