Monday, May 20, 2013

Learning about Viewpoint

While going through The Story About Ping for Five in a Row, we talked about Viewpoint. You know, how something appears depends on your point of view even though it is the same object. There are many pictures of the same duck, Ping, from different viewpoints in the book, and while I think most kids their age understand it is still a duck, this gave them a word to go with it.

To further illustrate this to the girls I gave them a very simple take pictures of the same object in as many different ways (or different viewpoints) as possible. I let them choose their object and gave them the little point and shoot camera. 

They both came up with a lot of different viewpoints including various angles other then straight on front, back, and side (although we had those too).
A few of Bria's:

And a few of Nadia's:

Although this was  a super simple activity the girls loved it because it meant they got to take pictures! It also clearly demonstrated the idea of viewpoint, and how an object is still the same even though it looks differently depending on where you are standing,