Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Word 2013 -Month 2

My One Word post is a little late this month. To be honest, in the busyness of March my one little word got a bit lost. I suppose it made it longer then most New Year's resolutions do, and in the end it came roaring back to the front of mind, so I guess it really is working. Maybe I am thinking about it even when I don't realize it. Hopefully I am training my mind to concentrate more on it, more on LOVE.

My journey in learning about LOVE took me on another unexpected turn this month. Last month I learned God really did love me, enough to follow through on promises even (read more HERE). This month I made a realization about myself, one that should help me LOVE myself a bit more.

I realized I am frequently wrong about people's opinions. Now normally I am very discerning of people's personalities and motives, but I fall short when it comes to their feelings about me. My husband has been telling me this for years, but I have been much to stubborn to see it. Or maybe I had just had told myself so many negative things I was unwilling to believe that what I viewed as dislike for myself was actually something else. I am sure there are people who dislike me, but not as many as it seems I once thought.

You see, I had a client come in to the clinic a week or so ago. One I had seen a few times, but due to her mannerisms I was unsure if she cared for me or just accepted me because I was the only one around. This time was different. She had her husband with her (who I had not previously met), and it had been quite some time since I last saw her. So we started chatting and her husband asks how long I had been there and such. She is quick to point out how I had cared for her other pets in such a nice way. It was really very sweet to hear her talk so positively. I had been quick before to make a judgement about her feelings toward me. After all I had never done anything to offend her, but something in her mannerisms had made me think otherwise. I have now learned that I should give others the benefit of the doubt before deciding they dislike me!

So now I can move forward realizing that sometimes, probably even most times, when I feel like someone doesn't like me, it is in my head. It is me being overly sensitive to very small details that others either wouldn't notice or might dismiss as normal behavior. Either way, I can move forward realizing that others do like me, and if they do, I should too. In fact I really should LOVE me because that is the only person I can be. It will take some time, but I'm learning.

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