Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter K Sensory Bin

On to Letter K! Finding things that start with K was actually pretty difficult. The girls found me a Kangaroo and some Keys, but after that they were done. I found a pretend bottle of Ketchup, some Kids, and a Knife (which I ended up removing because it doesn't sound like a K). Of course we had our K magnet, K book, and foam K's, but where's a Koala or a Kite when you need one! 

Eli was excited about the keys! He kept saying "vroom, vroom." Then he picked up the foam K's and the Ketchup bottle. 

For some reason the K need some ketchup.

We read through the K book twice before he was done exploring too.  I don't know if he is really associating the letters with their sounds as much as an older kid would, but he sure gets excited about these little bins! 

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