Friday, May 18, 2012

Celebrations, a Convention, and some Colored Toast

   Wow. I must be a bit sleep deprived as I can't remember much of what I did the past 2 weeks.   As always we have kept ourselves quit busy though! Last weekend was full of excitement as we attended a wedding, celebrated Mother's Day,  and attended a graduation.  The girls loved the wedding!  They really enjoyed the reception though. At first they were content to run around the dance floor with some of the other kids there, but after watched the bride and groom dance they thought they should do that too.  I feel sorry for the little boy they kept trying to teach to dance with them. His older brother sat down (and did not get up again after dancing started), but this little guy kept trying to play.  (For some reason blogger isn't letting me upload videos, so I added the youtube links instead.)

Video: Girls chasing little boys

     On Sunday we went to lunch with Nathan's parents to celebrate Mother's Day. This was probably the most frustrating lunch I have ever had! We sat outside since there was no room inside; which was fine since it was nice out. Except when we had to wait for probably an hour or so to order and get our food. I don't know how long it really was, but it was long enough that my arms and nose were sun burned and we barely made it to graduation.  Graduation was uneventful. Nathan and I stayed in the lobby area where we could still see, but let Eli play a bit. The girls went and sat with Grandma.  I don't really know what they thought of it all, but Eli especially liked finding anything he thought he could destroy. He wanted to knock over an easel, tear down some paper hats, and empty a program basket.  Keeping him out of trouble made the ceremony seem like an eternity.

     This week we have done all our usual stuff as well as having a BBQ with some of Nathan's co-workers.  We were surprised to learn that some of the kids we see at story time belong to someone Nathan works with! Not only that, but they don't live far from us. Of course then when we went to story time this week they weren't there, but maybe next week.  Nathan left for St. Louis Wednesday evening. He was going to work during the day and attend the Gaming Convention in the evenings, so he could promote the board game he helped produce.  If he hasn't told you about it, it is called Biomechanic Dino Battles (BDB). If you want more info I would look it up on facebook or boardgamegeek or just ask Nathan, he is happy to talk about it.  We had been pretty busy earlier this week, and I wanted to make sure we did something fun, so Thursday morning I let the girls paint their toast. Not with real paint, but with colored milk and new paintbrushes.

I think he is trying to drink the cat water; kept him busy until he spilt it.

     We also rode bikes and made it to the park!

I couldn't get them all to look at the same time!